12-11-10 GHFM Rev Life

What a huge event on Saturday, with fast cars and awesome drifting drawing between twelve and fifteen thousand spectators… cars taking up every available spot around the track… the place was packed to capacity. I’ve been out of action for 4 months so it was good to be back at what feels like my second home and to be gifted with some of the fastest runs Killarney has seen in ages, at least 2 cars ran in the 9’s and I’m almost sure that I heard the No Sweat Pro Stock Skyline ran an 8.6s pass. If the beasts running on the drag strip weren’t enough for you then on the other side of the track surely didn’t leave you wanting with some awesome tandem drifting taking place with round 4 of the Shakedown Series.The standout car in the drifting for me was the Mad Max style Supra running a supercharged Corvette motor and for no other reason other than the sound of the supercharger, it still gives me chills just thinking about it. Let’s get onto the pics…

I’m almost sure I heard 8.6s for this Skyline

Fastest pass I heard was 9.4s

Fastest pass I heard was 9.6s (update: while I was covering the drifting it appears Ralph ran a 9.2 😯 )

Fastest pass I heard was 10 flat

more pics after the jump… or check them out in the GALLERY
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