12-07-27 Topend Launch Party

What a launch for a automotive workshop, but then I guess Topend aren’t marketing themselves as just and any automotive workshop. Catering to vehicles across the board, from Mazdas to Maseratis, Fords to Ferraris, these guys will source it… fit it… tune it. But let’s get back to Friday, you would have sworn you where at a nightclub if it wasn’t for the vehicle lifts and toolboxes… Topend really outdid themselves. The motoring media and socialites in attendance where treated to top food, drink and even cigars while taking in the facilities, top stuff by Topend. All the best to Leon and Johan, and thanks guys for bringing something like this to Cape Town

  • We are the only Premium AUTO EMPORIUM in SA.
  • TopEnd is a company created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts and is driven by passion. We believe that not only do you deserve the best quality but also the best service from our highly trained staff.
  • We service, tune, upgrade and supply the motorsport community with an exclusive venue, world class expertise and internationally acclaimed products.
  • If you have not visited this premier destination your missing out on what the international market has to offer your vehicle.

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