In need of some (motoring related) assistance

As some of you may know my car (2004 E46 330i) has been standing for a while now, whenever I think I’ll be by the means to get it sorted the trials of life have other plans. This brings me to my appeal, if anyone is able to help me out by having a look at my car and (hopefully) let me know if it’s a simple fix to get it sorted – I’m in the Southern Suburbs.

The story: The battery wasn’t charging so I had the alternator replaced, drove it for a while and then the battery stopped charging again. Last Saturday I tested it and even drove it in my area without a problem, I thought great… and planned on using it for work thinking the problem had gone away, only to find the that the alternator isn’t charging the battery again. I’ve recently been told that it could be a pulley but I was also told it was the alternator.

I’m just putting it out there, any help would be appreciated