10-09-24 Killarney Tow Show

This years Heritage Day saw Killarney being invaded by Tow Trucks of all shapes and sizes, most notably being a Chevy V8 powered Iveco and another truck sporting an RB26 powerplant. The highlight of the day had to be the timed tow competition, with the trucks leaving the new pit area, hooking up a “wreck” on the main straight and then driving approximately 100m. The fastest time I heard was a shade over 32 seconds, hectic stuff. Check out all the photos in the gallery

10-09-12 WPMC (Killarney) Drag Racing

Last Sunday saw the return of the quarter mile monsters after a short hiatus. The lack of competitors didn’t diminish the action as a number of cars managed low 10 second passes. The day was however marred by a number of the top cars suffering breakages, let’s hope they’re sorted for the next event on the 10th of October.

Check out all the photos in the gallery

Wesley Lewin lifting as he launches, check the gallery for Wes lifting again just after the 60ft mark

Francois Roux, aka Boksie, hooking up his launch