SEFAC Giro Del Capo tour hits the track

Sunday saw the conclusion of the 2011 SEFAC Giro Del Capo with a track day at Killarney. As I enter the pit area I’m blown away by the number of Ferrari’s, there where more Ferrari’s there than the total number of cars at the average Killarney track day… it was insane to see. The colour, the craftsmanship… and the noise, everything a petrolhead could ask for. Sadly, with a limited amount of time, I couldn’t capture as much of the day as I’d liked, but I had to share the sea of red that was Killarney on Sunday… enjoy

The sea of red as you enter the pit lane

A 458 Italia getting some protection before hitting the track

more pics after the jump… or check them out in the gallery

another 458… in yellow…

just to remind the passenger to hold on tight, a 458 badge on the dash

2 thoughts on “SEFAC Giro Del Capo tour hits the track

  1. I need to get myself a helmet, I would have asked Paul to see if he could organise a lap or two in the passenger seat of a 458 😉

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