12-04-14 WPMC regional racing

I often attend Killarney’s regional racing as a spectator, swapping my camera for a few cold beers and a braai. This past Saturday I thought I’d leave the beer on ice and try to bring you a little of what regional racing has to offer to the spectator. With the day consisting of 18 races there is enough on track action to keep any petrol head entertained. To give you an idea of what a regional race meeting is all about from a spectator’s point of view all photos are from areas accessable to the general public. Check out the WPMC (Western Province Motor Club) website at http://www.wpmc.co.za for upcoming events, I hope to see you there…

Regional racing doesn’t just consist of Mk1 Golfs and old Fords, there are number of Porsche’s and ex Super Series cars setting blistering times…

Wet weather tyres ensure come rain or shine there’ll be racing

The Marshals, always prepared to hit the track in a hurry

One of the ex Super Series cars competing at Killarney

more pics after the jump…

another one of the ex Super Series cars

I was hoping to see this R8 on the track but unfortunately it didn’t make an appearance

Money, money, money

Some cars off track are as attractive as the ones on it, like this 1M…

and this Carrera RS

Coffee is always welcome on a cold day like we had on Saturday

Sometimes all the support you need is that of your family

Faizal Jacobs ready for Race 1

As a precaution spectators and crew have to stand behind the yellow line for the 1st 2 laps of the race

and with over 40 competitors taking part in the Clubmans Races, you can understand why

The marshals ready for action

A regular at Killarney, Djed Ryan of capefuel.co.za capturing the action

Observation points in the fence along the start/finish straight allow spectators a close-up view of the high speed action

Bikes seem to be a popular way of getting to the track

The race shop provides whatever you need, whether it be racing gear and collectables

Service with a smile, can’t beat it…

Racing, serious stuff

Competitors are pretty approachable, and with public access to the pit area it’s pretty cool to chat with them about their cars and the racing

With access around the entire track there are plenty of vantage points to exploit

Some prefer spectating from higher ground

Not the best way to end your day

Some competitors end the day with a little engine trouble…

and others with a little more than just engine trouble…

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  1. Brilliant pic set.. you’ve really captured the essence of what Killarney’s all about! Although I live in the UK now, I spent many years racing at Killarney and always search the net for the latest from it and the WPMC.. If you decide to blog this, I’m in! Thanks.

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