11-01-21 Street2Strip

The 2011 Street2Strip season kicked off yesterday with a huge turnout, at one stage the entry queue overlapping the race queue. As usual at these events I did more talking than shooting so there aren’t really any photos to speak of but I must give props to Pdubs (Blue RS) for running a 13.5 on street tyres and an unprepared track. It seemed to be the night for hot hatches with Golf 5 & 6 GTi’s, Civic Type R, Focus RS & ST, Fiesta ST, Audi S3 and Renault Megane Sport being represented

Hot Honda (click the pic)

Hot Honda

Hot Hatch

Hot Hatch

2 thoughts on “11-01-21 Street2Strip

  1. Awesome pics as usual Robert. Thanks for the positive comments. I was struggling with traction but next time, lets see if i get banned from S2S. lol

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