10-10-09 WPMC (Killarney) Drag Racing Nationals

Saturday saw Killarney hosting a national drag racing event, with bikes running low 9’s and cars running in the 8’s it was epic. The weather played it’s part and the crowds came out to enjoy what has to be one of the best drag racing events in recent history. The day was not without incident with amongst other things one competitor managing to engaged NOS while staging on the start line, resulting in one hell of a bang under the hood 🙁

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3 thoughts on “10-10-09 WPMC (Killarney) Drag Racing Nationals

  1. Im looking for old photos and articals on marius uys.wpmc championship 1991/2

  2. hey im looking for every thing on maruis uys.a well known racer in drags racing from 1992 to 1995 i think.
    its my husbands dad.and i whant to put something together for him
    thanx alot.

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