12-07-13 CapeStance SLAMO-METER 1

With the prospect of a very cold evening ahead I headed out early to the 1st CapeStance SLAMO-METER event to catch some of the action before the freeze really set in. Jason from BoostSA and I seemed to have the same idea as we both where the 1st to arrive and where summarily turned away by the security at the gate who didn’t seem to know what was going on… I guess we where a little too early, LOL. At least it gave us time to pick up our chat from the last event while we waited for things to get going and get going it did. Slammed car after slammed car filed into the underground parking, some being met with the sound of scraping bumpers as they struggled to navigate the ramped entrance. It was a great turnout for such a cold evening, props to CapeStance and the die hard Cape car scene. I left just as the SLAMO-METER action was about to get underway and as I sit here typing this with a sore throat and groggy head I guess I know why my body told me to leave when it did. On my way home to the Southern Suburbs I had the “pleasure” of having to go though a roadblock, with the Ghost Squad in attendance I hope non of the Southern Suburbs slammed cars got any grief. Great stuff CapeStance… till next time

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3 thoughts on “12-07-13 CapeStance SLAMO-METER 1

  1. Lekka set dude. Next time we need to twit before hand about who’s bringing the java. Would have made that night a lot more bearable.

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