True Petrolhead: Marlize Hoon

The previous MSA event on the 21st of April, I came to show my car at the track but didn’t race due to the new button clutch that I still had to drive in before racing. Then at Street2Strip on the 5th of May, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to do that first burnout again.

Sooo… The pipe that goes from the turbo to the actuator wasn’t fitted properly on the actuator’s side. This then came off on my 2nd run and without that pipe it over boosts. Bend two conrods and pistons damaged as well.

To me this was a nightmare, considering how much expenses I had due to the accident and having my car back on the road for only 2 weeks after standing for 5 months. Parts for the ABF motors are very scarce and resources willing to assist were limited. It would thus be much more convenient to replace the complete motor instead of repairing the one I had. These motors sell for R12500 at the moment and I was told that I can get more or less R8000 for my current motor, should I sell it as spare parts.

I then went to Mike’s Place hoping to negotiate another ABF motor for not too much more than R8000, so that it won’t affect my pocket that much.

In short, after some negotiating and motivation from Billy and Gino, I was fortunate enough to have the motor sponsored by Mike, and in return put their name on my car. How freaking cool is that!

Billy and Gino both race with me at Killarney, under the Mike’s Place banner. Billy with his white Golf 4 and Gino with the red Mk3 Supra. If it wasn’t for these guys, I very much doubt that I would have gotten this awesome deal, as Mike don’t know me at all. Until now, that is 🙂

Everything happened so fast, it almost seems unreal. Bend the rods on Saturday the 5th, received the replacement motor on Friday the 11th and was up and running again on Saturday the 12th. For peace of mind, I’m rather going to have my brother dyno tune my car first, but should have this done before our event the 26th.

Most people don’t even know what happened in this last week, lol. While the motor was out again, I made use of the opportunity to do a cosmetic change to the engine bay myself. This came out better than expected and should serve as a reminder of the past week.

I look forward to showing you guys what I did, but I have attached a few pics for now. I just had to share the love, although I feel that the pics don’t really do the real thing justice. 🙂

WARNING: Be prepared to fall inlove!

Marlize Hoon

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