12-04-21 WPMC Drag Racing

After a relatively slow start to the day as a result of the greasy conditions things started to get interesting as a few new cars started rolling in. Amongst others where a number of old school Skylines as well as a super fast R32 Skyline, an E46 M3 and 330i. Michael Kayser impressed once again in his champ bakkie running a 10.2s quarter mile by the time I left. Unfortunately there where a number of breakages during the day, notably Bad Brad in his Pro-Fit Golf and defending regional Champion, Brendan Moore. Brendan “Mr Consistency” Moore jumped from his stricken beach buggy into his daily drive, an Opel Corsa UTE, and proceeded to impress by taking the brackets competition. I believe Garion Slamet set a World Record quartermile time for a 750cc bike running a 9.40s (I think) quarter mile time, I’ll update this info as soon as I get confirmation. Be sure to catch the next impressive display of some of the fastest cars in Cape Town at round 3 of our Regional Drag Racing Series on the 1st of May… see you there…

more pics after the jump… or check them out in the gallery

2 thoughts on “12-04-21 WPMC Drag Racing

  1. Stunning pictures….espacially the bakkie doing a wheelly!!!!! Great photography Sir.

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