11-12-18 Scooby Fest

High up on my list of cars I’d like to own one day is a bugeye STI so whenever there’s a Subaru track day I try to make a turn to catch a glimpse of the car that’ll be sitting in my garage one day. Pulling up to the new pits area this afternoon I’m greeted by a sea of Subaru’s sporting sticky semis and the sound of screeching tyres and heavily modified boxer motors screaming round the track. For a Sunday there weren’t any Sunday drivers out today but without a doubt, while I was there anyway, the fastest car around the track had to be the Matt Black Cool Bananas monster. I believe there was a monster black Evo competing for top honors but unfortunately by the time I got there had been sidelined with what I believe was a blown head gasket. Anyway… onto the pics…

more pics after the jump… or check them out in the gallery

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