12-06-30 Volk Edition Dyno Day

I headed out to JDM Worx early Saturday afternoon to capture some of the rides that braved the rain to support the Volk Edition dyno day. I think it’s been 2½ years since I was at a Volk Edition, the last being the CAR WASH back in January 2010. Back to this event though, dubbed Germany versus Japan it seemed that the German contingent where a little less afraid of the rain than the Japanese with the Japanese being way outnumbered by the Germans by the time I left. It was also great to catch up with Jason of BoostSA (catch his coverage HERE) at an event where we can have a normal conversation without having to contend with screeching tyres and plumes of smoke. Congrats to JDM Worx and Volk Edition on a great turnout despite the weather, great stuff guys…

more pics after the jump… or check them out in the GALLERY

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