11-10-29 WPMC drag racing

I got up Saturday morning and had a look out the window only to be greeted with pouring rain in the Southern Suburbs and the prospect of the racing being called-off. An SMS and Facebook message later the word got around that the sky’s over Killarney where clear and we were on for a day’s racing. Unfortunately it turned out to be a not so busy day at Killarney during the MSA portion of the event but fun was had and at least one person went home happy, can you guess who…

Things picked up during the Street2Strip portion of the event with the queue of competitors extending half way around Cape Town corner but I must apologies for the absence of Street2Strip coverage, along with the increased crowd attendance and the increase in competitors was also the increase in friends to talk #$%@&#% with 😳

Congrats Ghatiem on you sub 13s pass 😉

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