11-03-06 Street Car Track Day

Yesterday’s street car track day looked more like a Scooby track day with what looked like almost half the participants driving Subarus. Thrown into the mix where a few BMW’s, one in particular that tried to combine drifting and farming without success 😯 There was also an Audi R8, a couple of Porsches & a KTM X-Bow, amongst others, being put through their paces. The next scheduled track day will be on the 17th of April if you feel like thrashing your car around a racetrack.

Head on over to my gallery to check out the coverage

11-03-05 WPMC (Killarney) Drag Racing

Saturday saw a small number of competitors brave the heat but as luck would have it that number got smaller as the day went on. I don’t know if it was the sticky track, the heat or the rugby, but we saw a number of cars packing it in early due to breakages, most notably Tolla Daniels, Wesley Lewin, Luc Lucchesi & Bradley van Rooi. Not to mention Herman Mostert and the team from Rover-Tec who also suffered a breakage before even completing one run, but as I left early in the afternoon they where still looking for parts to get their Champ bakkie back on the track. One luck spectator also got to experience a 10.9s suicide run in Willie Nel’s Can-Am ❗ Saturday also saw Marlize Hoon moving up from Street2Strip to MSA drag racing in her turbo charged Mk2 Golf, nice one Marlize 😉

Anyway, get on over to my gallery to check out little coverage I managed to snap

torque + traction = broken

smokin, old school style

Yusuf Patel giving pointers as usual

A suicide run no one would mind taking

MSA Drag Racing, RACEWEB Street2Strip & Streetcar Track Day

Saturday 5th March – MSA Drag Racing & (Raceweb.co.za )Street2Strip & Sunday 6th March – Streetcar Track Day

If the first MSA Drag racing event of 2011 was anything to go by, the coming weekends racing will be an event to be remembered. The entry for the MSA competition catered for over 40 Club competitors during the day and 200 Streetracing competitors in the evening for the Street2Strip.

The Oval side of the circuit will once again host Short Circuit motorcycle racing till late afternoon while the Drag strip runs from 9am till about 5pm.

MSA Entries will be accepted at the main gate caravan from 7.30am till 9.30am, MSA licence applications can be completed with Paul Simon at the same time. The 2011 Club licence fee is R350 for the year, valid till the 31st December 2011. More info below.

Raceweb.co.za Online Magazine will be hosting the Street2Strip side of the event and will be adding some interesting flavor to the evening. Be seen, be heard, be famous! Show us what you got and be featured in Raceweb.co.za Online Magazine for all to see. Their scouts will be prowling Killarney to find new talent, from hot cars and bikes to potential models. If you think you have what it takes to be in the magazine or maybe even make the cover, be sure to get yourselves down to the Killarney Raceway!

If you think you’re fast, show us what you’ve got! Enter into the “Winners lane” slot where racers race in their lane until beaten! You might even make it to the end of the night where the fastest two cars of the event go head to head in a battle for top honours, fame and glory! In addition, the first 50 race entries receive a free Raceweb.co.za Multimedia DVD.

Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to line up at the starting lights, warm up the tyres, launch and fly down the strip? A mystery car will be dragging down the strip and if you can guess its quarter mile time correctly, you stand a chance of winning a shotgun ride down the strip to experience that very same feeling! Ever seen a go kart smoke its rear tyres and do donuts or power slides? Kenilworth Karting will be providing performance go kart exhibitions with their 125cc six speed superkart! Can this little pocket rocket break the sub 13 second barrier? Who knows? You have to see this for yourself!

As always Raceweb.co.za will be attending with their gorgeous models, so if you want to get a glance at these beauties or get a pic with them, make sure you get your behind to Killarney Raceway. D-Evo will be hanging their 1-10 scale drift machines sideways at the new pit complex while sound enthusiasts can enter an SPL testing session hosted by ICE Audio. (More info: Matthew – 071 879 5011). Be sure to make your way down to the new pits to see some of Cape Town’s hottest cars and clubs on display.

For those who are going to be out of town and still want to see what’s happening, don’t worry, there will be a live webcam feed from the event so you can see who’s lining up with who and what’s going on. All they have to do is log on to Raceweb.co.za and check it out from there. Be sure not to miss out on this one of a kind Street2Strip, pioneered and presented by Raceweb.co.za Online Magazine. Be seen, be heard, be famous!

Street2Strip racing action will take place after the MSA Drags on Saturday from about 6pm till 10pm (as per normal the S2S event will be four hours).

S2S Entries will also be at the main gate on Saturday from 5pm till 7pm, excluding the entry ticket the admin fee for S2S is the normal R20 per driver. More S2S info below.

Admission for Saturday is R40pp from 8am till 4.30pm where the price will revert back to normal S2S prices of R30pp.

Sunday 6th March is another Streetcar Open Track Day and this event will run from 2pm till 6pm. The briefing takes place at 2pm sharp and all first timers to these events are required to be present at the briefing. More info on Track Days below or email paul@wpmc.co.za