10-10-22/23/24 Knysna Hillclimb

The 2nd annual Knysna Hillclimb took place last weekend with Geoff Mortimer, piloting a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, covering the wet 1.9km course in a blistering 50.637 seconds. The next 4 places were taken up by Skyline GTR’s with the Autohaus Angel V8 Masters car of Fabio Tafani taking 6th. The event saw 1 serious accident with Wessel Pretorius putting his Chev Lumina SS into the wall just before the end of the course.

Sunday greeted us with a torrential downpour resulting in my camera staying in its bag and our crew hit the road early. Thanks to the Raceweb for allowing me to tag along 🙂

1. Geoff Mortimer (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 50.637s
2. Wilhelm Baard (Nissan GT-R32) 50.820s
3. Des Gutzeit (Nissan GT-R) 51.850s
4. Darren Gudmanz (Nissan GT-R) 51.895s
5. Jaki Scheckter (Nissan GT-R) 51.964s
6. Fabio Tafani (V8 Masters) 52.369s

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